Resina Bisfenol A Swancor 901 TP

Versión Tixotropica Preacelerada.

SWANCOR 901-TP is a Bis-phenol A type pre-thixotroped pre-promoted epoxy vinyl ester resin. The product is good for applications requiring non-drippings or non-saggings. It provides excellent corrosion resistance to a broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oxidizing chemicals and salt solutions etc. It also provides very good mechanical strength such as tensile and flexural while incorporated with reinforcement such glass fiber, carbon fiber or kevler fiber etc. Generally, SWANCOR 901-TP can provide superior toughness with excellent fatigue resistance. It has good heat distortion temperature, commonly up to 100°C.



  • Chemical storage tanks, pipes, flue gas desulfurization systems (FGD), scrubbers, ducts.
  • Corrosion resistant flooring while incorporated with aggregates.
  • Waste water treatment systems.
  • Toolings and molds.
  • Food storage tanks and pure water system.
  • Marine use for yachts and boats.


Fabrication Methods

  • Can be easily applied by hand lay-up laminating, spray-up, and filament winding.
  • Can be used in polymer concrete casting.
  • Can comply with US FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2420 if the resin is properly formulated and cured.