Luxury Yacht Slipstream

Case History: Luxury Yacht Slipstream

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Warren Yacht, Australia


Technical Specification:


Length: 43.4M (143.7 ft)
Beam: 8.54M (28 ft)
Displacement: 220 MT
Weight: 195 MT
Speed: 17.5 kn max
14.5 kn cruise
Fuel Load: 40,606 Liter
Range: 3,300 nm @ 13.2 kn
Engines: Diesel: 2 X1,350 HP
Accommodation: 12 passengers and 8 crew


Resin Used:






1. The hull and superstructure are made with 100% SWANCOR 901-TP Vinyl ester Resin.
2. Resin and glass below the waterline and sandwich construction above. Vinyl ester resin
used throughout (including core adhesive and fairing).
3. Design and building of this luxury yacht took thirty months.

4. Slipstream is one of the most
luxurious motor yachts in the world.
It is the biggest motor yacht built on
the east coast of Australia.
Designer: Ed Dubois
Launched: 8 February 2001