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FRP molds

FRP molds

molde FRP


Molds for hand lay-up, spray-up and RTM



(1) SWANCOR 901-TP for Hand lay-up, spray-up and RTM.
(2) SWANCOR 907-TP for RTM


(1) Tooling gel coat was applied on the prototype mold about 0.5-0.8 mm thickness.
(2) Two layers of chopped strand mat were laminated layer-by-layer with SWANCOR resin. Any defects must be avoided, e.g., air bubble, fisheye and dry spot etc.
(3) Chopped strand mat and woven roving or clothes was recommended to be use alternately until the thickness has reached to the thickness designed. And avoid any defect!
(4) It is highly recommended for making a good mold that lamination was made only after the former layer was cured.



(1) Excellent fatigue resistance:
SWANCOR 901-TP can offer twice to triple times service life than Isophthalic polyester resin.
(2) Anti-cracking resistance: SWANCOR 901-TP can prevent from cracking propagation which is obvious in Isophthalic polyester.
(3) Lower shrinkage: Shrinkage of SWANCOR 901-TP is less than polyester, which can provide better dimension stability and warpage.
(4) Chemical resistance: The excellent chemical resistance of SWANCOR 901-TP can resist the molds from styrene attack.

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