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Lining for Desulfurization Tower

Lining for Desulfurization Tower

Recubrimiento para Torre de Desulfuracion - Global Composites

End User:

Desheng Group (Leshan Sichuan, China)



The tower is highly exposed to the exhaust with entrance temperature of 180oC and exit temperature of 120oC.



Diameter: 8.5M
Hight: 30M


Resin Used:

0-10m lined by SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 907
10-20m lined by SWANCOR 901
20-30m lined by SWANCOR 901


Fabrication Methods:

Hand Lay-Up



Zhongyi FRP Co., Ltd. (Jizhou Hebei, China)


Fabrication Date:

Jul. 2009

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