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Motor Yacht with SCRIMPTM System

Motor Yacht with SCRIMPTM System


Horizon- ATech Composites Co.,-
Kaohsiung Taiwan


M/Y Calixas, 105ft


SWANCOR 901-V, designed specifically for SCRIMPTM system


3-dimensional SCRIMPTM fabrication were conducted successfully with Swancor resin.
Gel time was set at around 90 min.


1. The resin SWANCOR 901-V has received both Lloyd’s Register certificate and DNV certificate for marine, therefore the high quality of resin performance is ensured.

2. The resin has very low viscosity and fiberglass wet-out was obtained, therefore the combination of excellent mechanical properties due to high fiberglass content and osmosis resistance of hull construction is ensured.

3. With the excellent design of resin chemistry, CHP curing formulation was used to provide low exotherm in hull construction with vacuum infusion successfully. It helps to eliminate customer’s concern in using lower HDT core material and also lower manufacturing cost is achieved.

4. The hull structure was completed throughout within 5 hours of infusion process. It was the largest yacht using 3-dimension infusion technology in the world then.

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