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VCM Plant

VCM Plant


Formosa Plastics Corporation, VCM plant
in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


(1) FRP tanks for EDC (Ethylene
Dichloride), liquid NaOH, 37% HCl
and other acids.
(2) FRP pipes for EDC, NaOH, HCl…etc..
(3) Lining for wasted water tanks: waste
water contains acids, alkali and
solvents used in VCM plant.


(1) SWANCOR 977(V-190*) for tanks
and pipes containing EDC, organic
(2) SWANCOR 907(V-180*) for tanks
and pipes containing NaOH, HCl and
inorganic acids.
(3) SWANCOR 901(V-450*) for
containment areas.
* V-190, V-180 and V-450 are OEM resins made by
SWANCOR Ind. Co., Ltd. for Nan Ya Plastics Co., a
subsidiary company of Formosa Plastics group.

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