Fire-Resistant Resin Swancor 905 – N

Excellent heat resistant and flame retardant combination.

Fire-Resistant Resin Swancor 905 – N

SWANCOR 905-N is a high performance brominated epoxy vinyl ester resin. The advantages combines excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and flame retardancy.

SWANCOR 905-N presents excellent performance at elevated temperature and meanwhile excellent flame retardancy. It is designed to provide superior toughness with excellent fatigue resistance due to high heat distortion temperature.



  • Chemical storage tanks, pipes, fume gas desulfurizing systems (FGD), scrubbers, ducts and
  • Corrosion resistant flooring while incorporated with aggregates.
  • Equipment specified to handle mixture of air, exhaust gases or potentially flammable
  • Military applications such as Kevlar fiber based


Fabrication Methods

  • Can be easily applied by hand lay-up laminating, spray-up, pultrusion, resin transfer molding (RTM) and filament
  • Can be used in polymer concrete casting.
  • Can comply with US FDA regulation CFR 177.2420 if the resin is properly formulated and cured.
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