Primers Swancor 917

Primer for coatings in steel and concrete in projects requiring high temperatures. Ideal for Novolac resins usage.

Primers Swancor 917

SWANCOR 917 is a vinyl ester based primer for lining on concrete, metal and FRP. It provides strong adhesion and excellent chemical resistance. Due to its excellent heat resistance, it offers excellent interlaminar bonding to laminating polyester or vinyl ester resins. It is designed for use as primer for high temperature environment maintaining good adhesion.


Fabrication Methods

Can be easily applied by brushing or rolling depending on substrate.

Before applying SWANCOR 917 primer, the following be confirmed for either concrete and metal substrate:

  1. For concrete:
    • Aging time longer than 30
    • Water content lower than 8%.
    • Compression strength higher than 3,000
    • Adequate surface treatment applied.
      1. Adequate surface treatment can be achieved by the following methods for removing the laitance layer of concrete:
        • Chemical method: removing laitance using 10-12% HCl (Hydrochloric acid), followed by water wash.
        • Sand
        • Mechanical
      2. Wood trowel is recommended to use for final finish of concrete before applying primer

2. For metal:

    • Surface free of dust, rust and grease

b- Before applying SWANCOR 917, it is advised to remove the loose material, rust and dirt by sand-blast in order to achieve maximum adhesion. The metal surface should achieve Sa 2 ½.

3. Right before applying primer, careful check is required to make sure of no dust, rust, grease or laitance which will reduce adhesion. After SWANCOR 917 is applied on to the concrete or metal substrate, laminate should be constructed between 4 hours and 3 days. If it becomes tacky-free, the surface should be roughed before laminating resin is to be applied.


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