Primers Swancor 95 PVC

Primer for PVC coatings

Primers Swancor 95 PVC

SWANCOR PVC-95 / PVC-95P is a special primer for PVC materials. It provides strong adhesion to PVC materials, particularly applicable for bonding to PVC foaming materials while yacht manufacturing and PVC linings of PVC/FRP pipes, tanks. It provides good adhesion between unsaturated resin, vinyl resin and PVC.


  1. SWANCOR PVC-95 primer for PVC foaming materials, a quantity of talcum powder, kaolin clay, quartz flour ect fillers can be added to increase its viscosity for avoiding resin excessive penetrating .
  2. Before applied for PVC pipes and tanks, the surface should be free of dust,rust and grease ect by cleaning with acetone or detergent.
  3. The cure time of SWANCOR PVC-95 is about 1~4hours, the following operation can be conducted after having completely cured. If SWANCOR PVC-95 primer becomes tacky-free, the surface should be roughed before laminating resin is to be


  1. Standard packing is 20 kg (5gal.) steel drum or 200kg (55gal.) steel .
  2. Do not store in direct
  3. Keep away from ignition sources. SWANCOR PVC-95 is flammable
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