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Course in Bequinor

At the end of November, more precisely on November 29 and 30, Global Composites and Gaiker will teach a new online course sponsored by Bequinor. The title is suggestive and at the same time a challenge for all of us who make up the great family of those who dedicate ourselves to composite materials or Composites:

“The quality of GRP equipment, an unavoidable requirement”

The objective is very clear: IMPROVE THE QUALITY, with capital letters, of our products. We have always stated that Composites are an ally of steel and protect against corrosion, but while steel is already supposed to have quality as it is manufactured according to regulations, Composites are required more, even if they are duly specified. and its controlled manufacturing. We cannot forget that the quality of the steel is not controlled by us and is taken for granted. Instead, composites are created by us from start to finish, and we are therefore responsible for their quality.

When we say Quality, we are referring to all the stages of its manufacture, from the selection of the raw materials, to the intermediate states, controlling humidity and temperature during manufacturing, and ending with the final state with its control of hardness and curing. as well as the mechanical controls necessary to be able to sign that the product is optimal.

We are talking about a chain in which all the links participate and none can fail because if one fails, the chain will break and lose its value.

In this course we are going to talk about Quality as an inescapable requirement that the manufacturer of GRP equipment has, demonstrating that the product manufactured in its workshops is optimal.

The course will be taught by the best specialists in these subjects, and we would like to have your presence. There are no excuses to improve our Quality.