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Primers Swancor 984

Primer for coatings in steel, concrete.


Primers Swancor 984

SWANCOR 984 is a elastomer-modified vinyl ester resin, which is designed for use as primer for lining metal ubstrate.

The inherent resilient properties provides increased flexibility, excellent adhesion and severe mechanical stress. It is the only vinyl ester resin available which offers combination of adhesion, flexibility, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

Meanwhile with thixtropic property, it has ease of handling and fabrication advantages.


  1. If SWANCOR 984 is blended with coblat salt promoters, the shelf life will be shortened. Promoted SWANCOR 984 must be used within 2 weeks.
  2. Before applying SWANCOR 984, it is advised to remove the loose material, rust and dirt by sand-blast in order to achieve maximum adhesion. The metal surface should achieve Sa 2 ½.
  3. In case of high humidity (85%), it is recommended to increase the MEKP usage (by 0.1phr or higher depending on operations) for better cure. Fine-tuning MEKP usage rate is able to give best performance of SWANCOR 984 even the humidity is high.
  4. SWANCOR 984 should be applied within 8 hours after sand-blast. Careful check is required to make sure the substrate surface is free of dust, dirt and grease which will reduce adhesion.
  5. After SWANCOR 984 is applied onto the substrate, laminate should be constructed between 4 hours and 7 days. If it becomes tacky-free, the surface should be roughed before laminating resin is to be applied.
  6. SWANCOR 984 will appear as two-phase liquid in storage. Thorough mixing again is required to have maximum performance.
  7. The gel time of SWANCOR 984 is affected primarily by catalyst concentration and temperature. The variations of cure characteristics may be caused by the variations of catalyst, humidity, pigment, fillers and other additives. It is recommended that the fabricators check the cure characteristics with a small quantity resin before proceeding for bulk production.
  8. SWANCOR 984 contains organic solvent (styrene). Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.
  9. SWANCOR 984 is a potentially reactive chemical. Please store it in dark and keep away from heat and direct sunshine.
  10. Containers, not completely emptied must be closed immediately after use.


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