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SWANCOR resins have been proved of the superior quality and satisfactory services. With through understanding of material and FRP composite, unique technology and customized products have been developed. Now, SWANCOR, as an expert in FRP composite field, provides not only the resin itself, but also technical support, wich can quicksolve customers’ problems. Total solution is what we have offered to the industry.

SWANCOR epoxy vinyl ester resins, while having inherent superior chemical resistance, also combine excellent thermal  and mechanical properties os epoxy resins with easier operability. SWANCOR resins with diverse properties are avaliable in order to meet a wide variety of design, chemical and physical needs. The high strength-yo-weight, toughness and fatigue resistance of resins have made the the best choice for marine, automobile, military, aerospace, sports and anti-corrosion applications.

Typical technical properties, product performances, formulation, and handling of SWANCOR epoxy vinyl ester resins are shown in the following pages. Please refer to Corrosion Resistance Guide for more information about chemical resistance os SWANCOR resins. We encourage our customers to review this catalog carefully before choosing suitable resins for applications. We have additional information on request, you can contact us at and we will be happy to provide solutions and information about our products.

Catálogo anticorrosión

SWANCOR epoxy vinil ester resins are designed to meet the demands for the Fiber Reinforced Pastic (FRP) industry, particulary for those requiring high performance of corrosion resistance. SWANCOR epoxy vinil ester resins are manufactured with unique technology and both have been proved of exellent chemical resistance, as well as good physical properties in recommended conditions.

This guide is designed to assist the designers and fabricators in selecting the suitable resins for FRP parts, wich will be exposed  to highly corrosive enviroments. It is important to note that the values given in this guide are only for reference because construction of laminates varies from shop to shop and it is beyond  SWANCOR’s control.

Casos de éxito

Swancor is a professional manufacturer of specially chemicals. With continuous improvement and innovation, people of Swancor provide specialty chemicals, customized products, as well as sustainable solutions to customers. We also keep on developing new products to meet customers’ expectations, particularity in the fields of energy saving and enviromental protection.

Being recognized as a symbol of quality, innovation and integrity, we provide quality products and in-time service, drive innovation, and act with honesty. Our products can be reached in more than thirty countries, and our solution can be found in a variety of applications, including automotive industry, construction, water treatment, flooring, and lining, etc.

This case history collects a wide variety of application that Swancor’s products have been aplied to. It provides a general understanding of where and how our products can be used.

catálogo epoxy

Swancor has designed a wide variety of epoxy resins for the different applications in the FRP sector such as Filament Winding, RTM & Infusion, Hand-lay up, Pultrusion, Adhesives and Prepegs.

For more information on Swancor Epoxy Resins you can consult this catalog, or if you prefer, you can contact us at the phones or e-mails available on this website.

El futuro del composite

Finish quality of SMC/BMC is highly subject to physical strength, dimension stability & accuracy, surface gloss, surface smoothness, and ability of coating. To achieve these requirements, the selection of resins and LSA/LPA becomes most important to fabricators.

SWANCOR SMC/BMC Series are developed for various kinds of applications as well as specific requirement. We have resins of SWANCOR 925, SMC resin of high reactivity, for Class-A surface finish, SWANCOR 928 for general purpose of SMC/BMC process, SWANCOR 978 for ultra high physical strength, and SWANCOR 976 for high impact purpose.

SWANCOR LSA/LPA can improve surface properties of products through SMC/BMC process such as smoothness, gloss, painting ability, dimensional stability, etc. LSA’s of SWANCOR 7310 & SWANCOR 7316 are suitable for SMC/BMC parts wich pigmentation, low shrinkage control and high gloss surface are required. LPA’s of SWANCOR 7415, and SWANCOR 7510 are mainly applied to SMC/BMC products of low profile, Class-A surface, and hig gloss.

gel coat

Global composites provides its customers with a complete range of Gel Coats, Mastic Poliester, Pigment Paste and Adhesives of excellent quality and specially designed for the Composites Industry. Global Composites products comply with the strictest quality controls, wich combined with our technical support, guarantee success within the various applications in the FRP sector.

Catálogo de peroxidos

Promox is an italian high quality organic peroxides manufacturing company, used in different applications, wich allow to our customers to improve their production and quality requirements.


Finish Kare offers the Composites industry a wide variety of mold release agents and mold treatments. We encourage you to download our product catalog where you can find the different types of waxes, mold release agents and mold treatments that are the most suited to your production process.

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