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Resin LPA Swancor 7410 TDS

SWANCOR 7410 is polyvinyl acetate based copolymer diluted in styrene monomer.



SWANCOR 7410 is polyvinyl acetate based copolymer diluted in styrene monomer, which provides excellent shrinkage control and Class-A surface molding compound along with significantly better pigmentation characteristics than pure polyvinyl acetate.


  •  Excellent shrinkage control and dimensional stability.
  •  Excellent surface smoothness and gloss.
  •  Permits higher filler loading.
  •  Excellent re-coating, paint and bond acceptance.
  •  Compatible with variety of unsaturated polyester resins.
  •  Suitable for various fabrication process, such as pultrusion, high temp RTM and compression molding, providing excellent dimensional stability.


1. SWANCOR 7410 contains styrene monomer. Storage temperature exceeding 30oC should be avoided. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.
2. SWANCOR 7410 is a potentially reactive chemical. Please store it in the dark and keep away from heat and direct sunshine.
3. Shelf life is six-month under 25oC from the date of manufacturing.
4. For rapid thickening effect, little water (0.1phr) can be added.


Standard packing 190 Kg Steel Drum.


Skin contact:
Thoroughly wash exposed area with soap and water immediately. Remove contaminated clothing. Launder contaminated clothing before re-use.

Eye contact:
Flush with large amount of water immediately and continuously for 20 minutes, lifting upper and lower lids occasionally. Get medical attention.

Do not induce vomiting. Keep person warm, quiet and get medical attention. Aspiration of material into the lungs can cause chemical pneumonitis which can be fatal.


If affected, remove individual to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen. If breathing has stopped, give artificial respiration. Keep person warm, quiet, and get medical attention.


Do not breathe vapors. Vapor explosion hazard, keep out of sewers. Eliminate all sources of ignition in vicinity of spill or released Vapor to avoid fire or explosion. For large spills, warn public of downwind explosion hazard. Check area with explosion meter before reentering area. Ground and bond all containers and handling equipment.


Keep away from ignition sources; flames, pilot lights, electrical sparks, and sparking tools. NO SMOKING. Do not store in direct sunlight. Store separate from oxidizing materials, peroxides, and metal salts. Keep container closed when not in use. To ensure maximum stability and maintain optimum resin properties, resins should be stored in closed containers at temperatures below 25oC (77o F). Copper or copper containing alloys should be avoided as containers.


Eliminate all ignition sources (flares, flames, including pilot lights electrical sparks). Persons not wearing protective equipment should be exclude from area of spill until clean-up has been completed. Stop spill at source, dike area of spill to prevent spreading, pump liquid to salvage tank. Remaining liquid may be taken up on sand, clay, earth, floor absorbent or other absorbent material and shoveled into containers.


Destroy by liquid incineration in accordance with applicable regulation. Contaminated absorbent should be disposed in accordance to government regulations.


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